Dance is the only form of prayer I know!

Every dancer is a little crazy! I know I am. My passion is what makes me that crazy…
I have to be that crazy, crazy enough to love something so much that I see nothing beyond what I am doing, crazy enough to find peace in the little things around me, something so little – like a simple movement in my body, which allows me to get lost in the moment, and a correct move gives me so much happiness, the continuous hard work for weeks,months or even years, to reach that level of perfection after which I feel on top of the world.

Cloud 9, like they say!

But there’s never really that perfection, I can keep improving it, till I can’t anymore.

Our passion is said to drive us crazy. It makes us do wonders, such that life is anew everyday.

Dancers create stories within movements, quite often which, only we understand. Those stories are more to us than reality. There are times – when some of us loose ourselves or find ourselves in our movements.

Dance is special to me. It’s like my first love. It’s the only form of prayer I know.(My masi(aunt) often says this, since we both dance we relate to this) I believe in it, in dance, believe enough to believe that it can change the world.

One move, can bring people together. One move, can make you believe like there’s something more than just the regular, something very special. One move, can set a whole generation free.

We, dancers, bring people together and when we bring people together we know how special we are. How Blessed we are to have this magic in us to create more for the world. We make people smile and those smiles makes us smile 🙂

That’s when we say, some people learn to dance…Others are born to.



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