Lori (lullaby)

Lullabies become such a fond memory I can never forget. Those days when my mommy would sing that beautiful lullaby to put me to sleep.

Little hands & legs just outta the womb. Mums hands wrapped around my delicate head & elated with joy to welcome her Babygirl.

When the night set in and it was time to sleep that sweet voice of the lullaby through my ears which put me to sleep.

That sweet voice still plays through my years at night when I can’t fall asleep.

Some childhood memories will never fade away… I’ll always miss my mommy singing it to me.

Here’s a link to the hindi lori/lullaby my mum useto sing me: 😉



Here’s another link to the lullaby/lori Id sing for my own kids in the future, it’s my most favorite; I sleep to it at night sometimes 😉 we all have that hidden kid in us no matter how much we grow. Some of us are just afraid to accept it :)))

Check out “Lori” from Family-Ties Of Blood on Saavn!



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