Mumbai meri jaan(my love)

Mumbai has always been kind to me. It’s given me the best of homes, friends, families, relationships, dreams, safety, security, childhood, teenhood, love, and utmost happiness. I never do or will have any complaints.

Home is Home. No matter where in the world I live. Mumbai will always be my home & I will always go back. My heart will always be stuck there. “Home is where the heart”

The city of lights, dreams, hopes, and the city which teaches one another togetherness no matter what happens; this makes it all so beautiful. There are so many more positives that the negatives can be overlooked and that’s why I love it even more.

It’ll make you cry, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you frown and then turn the frown upside down for it gives u so many smiles and good memories to look back upon.

I think it has never gotten easier for me; Living outside my country, yes I’ve had the best of experiences, met some good people, visited great places, made great memories but at the end of the day I’ve always gone back to think of I wish I was home in mumbai… I guess, Some people like living outside mumbai because of the cleanliness,lifestyle etc..

Thinking about it maybe I wouldn’t mind it either but when I’m READY, ready enough to leave it all behind n start anew but only if ur given a choice, you know what I mean.


My dreams are big, big enough to scare me. I’m not the kind of person to give up so easily. My dreams belong to that city, my city, our city of dreams. I hope, with all my heart, I get there soon enough to achieve it all and be proud of myself.

Hope, doesn’t it keep us all going?! Yea, it does!

The thing with hope is that its contagious :-))

I have no complaints though, but I still do miss my country every single minute of every single day and it still never gets easier.

This isn’t just me, it’s people all over who are having to live outta their country for whatever reasons!

I’ve moved 6 times, for people who know me close enough might be thinking she should be use to it by now but I guess I’ll never get use to it.

Pieces of my heart still lie there and always will.

Once a Desi(indian) always a Desi(indian).




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