Blessed with the Best 

“The universe has been sliding me love notes in the form of people” 

I feel so content, so much happiness, so much love and so much more beautiful. 

I am falling short on words to express my gratitude towards the universe. This is the most amazing feeling one can feel. 

I have the most amazing people in my life. My tribe of people. They emit so much positivity and so much happiness, it makes them the most beautiful people. 

This year has really shown me who are the real ones to stay no matter what and I’m so happy because those are the most precious people in my life. I love them so dearly. 

The more love I give the more love I receive. This love has changed me. I feel so special to be a part of this universe and to have my tribe of people around me who have nothing but love and positivity to give. Such people are treasure, they are gems to keep for life.  

Just like it’s said what goes around comes back around. Trust me, it all comes back and it all has been coming back in the most purest forms possible. 

I can’t be thankful enough to the universe. So much, so much to be thankful for, all the love everyday makes me want to be a better person. 

This only gets better each day!! 

Love of gratitude and love to the universe. 

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