She lived again!!

There lived a beautiful little girl in a small town of Africa, humble & naive with sharp features and big gorgeous eyes. She wasn’t born in a very rich family and she struggled through most of her life with her father, who had a huge pompous ego. Ironically, her mother had named her Bliss, unaware of the struggles her daughter will have to face due to her dads actions which will take all her bliss away.

As a young child when Bliss would go to talk to her father or ask him for something she need. He would scold her and shuu her away saying I’m busy. As time passed, Bliss grew up and started understanding certain things her father did and said. Every time she wanted to prove herself or get her point of view across to her dad, he didn’t like it & told her how stupid she is because he thought he was the best & everyone else in the world was wrong. She started feeling rejected n became rebellious. She knew her father was a pompous man yet she argued with him to get her ways right to feel good bout herself. Her mom died when she was 9 in a car crash & thereafter her father treated her worse.
One evening when Bliss was missing her mother & crying she picked up the phone & called her god mother.

Suddenly, her dad snatched the phone from her little hands n threw it on the bed unaware of it being on call, her god mother Faith, heard EVERYTHING Bliss’s dad said to her n was in tears. She immediately rushed to Africa to get her Babygirl. She was shocked to see bruises on her little girl. She immediately decided to get custody of her god daughter. After a lot of struggle and obstacles at court & with Bliss’s dad, she finally won the case & felt a sense of relief that she could take Bliss back home to California. It took Faith a while to get her baby back to what she was before her mother passed. Her god mother & god father nurtured her with a lot of care & loved her unconditionally as always wanting to see her smile & be happy, thereafter Bliss never felt the emptiness of a mother or father in her life & she lived happily feeling good about herself and proud of her god parents who gave her a life again.


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